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Welcome to Drunk Critique


Easthampton, MA – Rain, a talented tattoo artist and a judge on a popular but irreverent tattoo program is a Ukrainian who is watching her old neighborhoods being destroyed. Armed with a sharp tongue, large group of artists, tattoo studios and a few barrels of alcohol, they are raising money to directly benefit Ukrainians in need.

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(in)Famous tattoo livestream Drunken Critique brings together the world’s most renowned artists to drink themselves into a stupor while attempting – as seriously as possible – to offer guidance and advice for up-and-coming tatter tots. Rain along with hosts Bob Tyrrell (Detroit) and Tony Romel (NYC) and judges Jannicke Wiese-Hansen (Norway), Andre Malcolm (Oakland, CA), Costi (Romania), Liorcifer (Denmark), and Haley Adams (Castro SF, CA), will be reviewing the works of tattooers, apprentices and any artists willing to donate for a drunk critique of their work. Guest judges are being confirmed as we speak! Everyone tuning in will be asked to donate to Drunken Critique who will send 100% of all monies to the United Help Ukraine charity.

To entice more participants, artists hoping to have their work seen on this international forum and reviewed by these premier judges can donate to have their work considered. A raffle with prizes to be picked through the evening will be available to all. Normally artists can’t get such honest critiques from world class artists, and the chance to help others while doing so is a win-win for all involved.

Organizer Gabe Ripley says: “While the benefit is very sobering, we are hoping to balance this important work with the positive energy created by the friendship, comraderie and, yes, alcohol of Drunk Critique.”

“Tattooing has always been a bit of an enigma, living by its own rules. Drunk Critique's unique take on helping people at the time of great need is a further example of tattoos' avant-garde yet very powerful ability to support those who are part of a humane, international community”

Interested in donating to the event or possibly being a guest judge? (413) 585-9134 or

Send up to 3 tattoos or original art that you created and would like DRUNK critiqued. This is NOT serious, it's DRUNK. By sending us your image, you are acknowledging you created and have rights to the image and are giving us permission to use the image in the Drunk Critique show both live and recorded. Things will be said about your tattoo you may or may not like. thanks!